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UPCOMING WEBINAR January 30, 2020
  ADVERSE ACTION: What Is It & What You Need to Know

We know the process of Adverse Action often brings more questions than answers!  MBI will help clarify the Adverse Action process and answer some of our client's most asked questions.

In this webinar we will be going over four key points about the Adverse Action process:

  1. What is Adverse Action?
  2. When do I need to do Adverse Action and what are the steps?
  3. Why is the Adverse Action Process so important?
  4. How MBI Worldwide can help

Hosted by MBI Worldwide's Compliance Manager, Bethany Thompson and MBI Worldwide's CEO, Brian Chapman.

If you have questions about Background Screening compliance and the adverse action process, please call 866-275-4624 or email

Date:  Thursday,
January 30, 2020
Time:  2:00 PM CST
(3:00 PM EST)