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Congratulations. You’ve started your own business. Now comes the time to hire your first employee. It’s not as simple as putting a “Help Wanted” sign in the window or taking out an ad  in the newspaper.  In fact, one estimate shows it costs about $4,000 to recruit, hire and train a new employee. Your first step is to partner with …

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7 Tips From An Employment Background Screening Company to the Job Applicant

If you area job applicant currently in a job hunt, you know that most organizations are going to conduct a thorough employment background check as part of the hiring process.  Vetting new employees is common and safe hiring practice.  It can however, be overwhelming and daunting to a lot of job applicants.  The words, “background check” seem to frighten even the most upstanding …


In the employee background check industry, FCRA Advanced Certification = Compliance In addition to MBI Worldwide’s national accreditation, we are also require that our management team hold FCRA Advanced Certifications. They are among an elite group of people in the United States to obtain this credential.


HR People, did you hear the one about the guy that walked in for an interview, his background came back wrong, he never received adverse action, then the company paid him $700k? Not funny, is it? What just happened here folks, is ANOTHER class action lawsuit.

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Kandi Chapman, President and Founder MBI Worldwide Background Checks Congratulations!  You’ve made a great new hire! Now comes the hard part, keeping that new employee content and on the payroll for years to come. Here are five simple steps you can take to help your best and brightest stay on board.

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10 Simple HR Mistakes That Could Cost You “Big-Time” in Court!

Hiring Managers often make errors that could be easily avoided during the hiring process. As an employer relying on a third party screening vendor to run employee background checks on job candidates, following the rules and guidelines set by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is crucial to stay compliant and out of the courtroom. Below are ten mistakes …

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Who Is MBI Worldwide, and What Do They Do?

“Good Employee Screening is SMART Business” MBI Worldwide, Inc. provides large and small organizations with the employment background screening solutions needed to help make safe hiring decisions.  Criminal background checks, drug testing, and verifications are only a small part of safe hiring practices.  For a complete list of MBI’s services, please click here.

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Reduce Hiring Risks

When hiring new employees, it’s important to make sure that person is the right fit for your company and for your culture. Unfortunately in the hiring process, problems arise.  A recent study by CareerBuilder found that almost 70 percent of companies were impacted by a bad hire.  As an entrepreneur myself, I understand first-hand that these mistakes can become costly not just monetarily, but …

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New Poll Reveals Continued Risk in Googling Job Applicants

The same poll found that 35 percent of hiring managers who use social media to screen applicants have sent friend requests or otherwise attempted to connect with applicants online. According to a recently published Harris Poll, 52 percent of employers use social media to research job candidates. This number is up from 43 percent in 2014 and 39 percent in 2013. What information are …

Reminder on EEOC Releasing Enforcement Guidance on Arrest and Conviction Records in the Hiring Process

Contributor:  Brian Chapman, CEO MBI Worldwide, Inc. Background checks are often requested by employers on job applicants. These checks are done especially on candidates seeking positions that require high security or in “positions of trust”, such as in a school, hospital, financial institution, airport, or government agency. These checks are traditionally administered by private companies, sometimes for as low as …