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Who Is MBI Worldwide, and What Do They Do?

“Good Employee Screening is SMART Business” MBI Worldwide, Inc. provides large and small organizations with the employment background screening solutions needed to help make safe hiring decisions.  Criminal background checks, drug testing, and verifications are only a small part of safe hiring practices.  For a complete list of MBI’s services, please click here.

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MBI WORLDWIDE BACKGROUND CHECKS & DRUG TESTING  is a frequent participant in conferences and events that showcase the latest in pre-employment screening and workplace security. Below is a list of our upcoming appearances for Fall 2015.

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Background Checks For The Transportation Industry

KEEP YOUR FLEET SAFE AND COMPLIANT There are about three-and-half million truck drivers on the highways and byways of the United States. Whether it’s someone behind the wheel of a big rig or a delivery company, vehicle safety should always be a consideration.

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Identity Theft In The Background Screening Process

“My Social Security Number is LEGIT!  I bought it yesterday from my sister’s boyfriends cousin….” We live in an age of identity theft. In fact, 38 percent of victims say the person who stole their identity did it when they got a hold of their social security number. We’re asked to give up those nine digits in nearly every walk …

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Don’t Just Screen

                                                 ….SCREEN WITH INTEGRITY MBI Worldwide is a full Pre-Employment Background Check firm offering employment screening and hiring management solutions.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service integrity quick turn-around time accuracy of information secure online account …

What Will HR Will Look Like in 2020

Looking into the future is rarely accurate, but it is a chance to step away from the trenches and look ahead to see what we’d like things to become. The attendees gathered to discuss a very forward-looking topic – What will HR look like in 2020? To get them primed, we started with the following questions: What things does HR do …

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Do You Re-Screen Current Employees?

IF NOT, HERE ARE THREE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD START Article Contributed by: K. Chapman, President & Founder, MBI Worldwide, Inc. Does “Bob in Accounting” Have His Hand in Your Pocketbook? The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Research Department estimates that 69% of companies in the United States conduct some level of background check on new employees. As of …

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Making the Background Check “Quota”

Are You Just Making the Background Check “Quota”? In the last 5-10 years employment background checks have continued to become the normal process of hiring within companies. The question of “Are we doing background checks?” is evolving into “Are we doing enough?” Are you doing a background check just for the point of principle? Or are you doing the level of …

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Employment Verifications Are Essential Part of a Complete Background Check

Contributed by K. Chapman, President & Founder, MBI Worldwide, Inc. Have Questions Regarding  Employment Verifications? An Employment Verification Check is relevant if experience is essential for consideration when hiring for a specific job description. Previous employment experience is often exaggerated, and sometimes completely fictitious.   As a result, you’ll want to verify prior employment. Employment Verification is available for previous positions held, starting …


PARTNER WITH MBI WORLDWIDE FOR YOUR HEALTHCARE EMPLOYMENT SCREENING AND BACKGROUND CHECKS Contributed by K. Chapman President & Founder, MBI Worldwide, Inc. Are you in Healthcare HR?  If so, then you know the competition for top talent in the healthcare industry is fierce, but you can only put first-class healthcare professionals to work as fast as you can confirm their …