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Don’t lose top talent because your background check company has a slow turn-around time Who We Are MBI Worldwide is an Employee Background Check Company offering compliant employment screening and safe hiring management solutions. A trusted source for background checks for employers. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, integrity, quick turnaround and accuracy of the information, secure online account …

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Background Check Turnaround Time: How Long Does It Take?

Time is money, especially during the hiring process.  Quick on-boarding of an applicant and setting a start date is important to the successful operating of any organization.   Waiting around for results on an employment background check can be one of the final steps.  Sometimes there is a miscommunication on exactly how long the background check turnaround time is for a thorough and compliant …

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The EEOC’s Criminal Background Screening Guidance: What Employers Need to Know

For employers, the (EEOC) U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s 2012 update to its criminal background screening guidance has created not only mass confusion, but serious hiring uncertainties on exactly how to conduct criminal background checks without significant legal risk to your organization. The EEOC’s efforts to enforce this guidance however, has revealed six crucial lessons to employers.  If followed (and understood) correctly, these lessons …


In the employee background check industry, FCRA Advanced Certification = Compliance In addition to MBI Worldwide’s national accreditation, we are also require that our management team hold FCRA Advanced Certifications. They are among an elite group of people in the United States to obtain this credential.

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We’re taught at an early age to not judge a book by its cover. AND THEN WE GET JOBS IN HR… I’m totally kidding. Often times it’s because we think the worst of someone based on his or her appearance.  Someone covered in tattoos or piercings or an unkempt look may get a bad reputation right off the bat.

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Employee Background Checks For The Retail Industry

Written by Kandi Chapman, President MBI Worldwide Background Checks 93 Percent of people that apply for a position in the retail industry lie during the job application process. The Federal Bureau of Investigations says employee theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.  Employees stole more $15.2 billion dollars from the workplace in 2014.  That’s more than one-third …

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Social Security Trace VS Social Security Verification

One of the most common misconceptions in employee background screening requests is the difference between a social security trace and a social security verification. Typically, an employment background check consists of a social trace, which is an instant search administered based on the number submitted by the applicant. The search returns all the credit header information associated with that number …

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There’s a lot to understand about verifying an individual’s education.  To keep it from being too dry (and boring) I have broken it up into mini subjects. Each subject will explain a better process to use, that a team member at MBI Worldwide has learned over the years.  These tips and suggestions will help in expediting and processing an education verification.