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We’re taught at an early age to not judge a book by its cover. AND THEN WE GET JOBS IN HR… I’m totally kidding. Often times it’s because we think the worst of someone based on his or her appearance.  Someone covered in tattoos or piercings or an unkempt look may get a bad reputation right off the bat.

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Social Security Trace VS Social Security Verification

One of the most common misconceptions in employee background screening requests is the difference between a social security trace and a social security verification. Typically, an employment background check consists of a social trace, which is an instant search administered based on the number submitted by the applicant. The search returns all the credit header information associated with that number …

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Here Are 3 Questions to Ask When Shopping Around For a New Employment Screening Firm. Selecting an employment screening firm isn’t necessarily a straightforward decision. There are a wide variety of vendors in the market, each claiming to be exactly what you’re looking for.  These claims include wonderful customer service, quick turn-around time and accurate results.  If you are currently in the process …

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New Poll Reveals Continued Risk in Googling Job Applicants

The same poll found that 35 percent of hiring managers who use social media to screen applicants have sent friend requests or otherwise attempted to connect with applicants online. According to a recently published Harris Poll, 52 percent of employers use social media to research job candidates. This number is up from 43 percent in 2014 and 39 percent in 2013. What information are …

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Not All Screening Companies Are Created Equal

Is your background screening company accredited? Not all screening companies are created equal.  Many background screening firms are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  MBI Worldwide is not only a member – but their strict standards and best practices have helped them achieve the desired NAPBS Accreditation.

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“HOLD THE ASPIRIN, ALL BACKGROUND CHECK COMPANIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL” Contributor:  K. Chapman, President & Founder, MBI Worldwide, Inc. TRUST IS A HUGE ISSUE WHEN IT COMES TO HIRING SOMEONE TO WORK FOR YOUR COMPANY.     Preliminary measures can include a quick Google search of the job applicant and a check of social media accounts, but those techniques …

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Making the Background Check “Quota”

Are You Just Making the Background Check “Quota”? In the last 5-10 years employment background checks have continued to become the normal process of hiring within companies. The question of “Are we doing background checks?” is evolving into “Are we doing enough?” Are you doing a background check just for the point of principle? Or are you doing the level of …


PARTNER WITH MBI WORLDWIDE FOR YOUR HEALTHCARE EMPLOYMENT SCREENING AND BACKGROUND CHECKS Contributed by K. Chapman President & Founder, MBI Worldwide, Inc. Are you in Healthcare HR?  If so, then you know the competition for top talent in the healthcare industry is fierce, but you can only put first-class healthcare professionals to work as fast as you can confirm their …

Reminder on EEOC Releasing Enforcement Guidance on Arrest and Conviction Records in the Hiring Process

Contributor:  Brian Chapman, CEO MBI Worldwide, Inc. Background checks are often requested by employers on job applicants. These checks are done especially on candidates seeking positions that require high security or in “positions of trust”, such as in a school, hospital, financial institution, airport, or government agency. These checks are traditionally administered by private companies, sometimes for as low as …