Paperless Drug Screening

Paperless Drug Screening

MBI is partnered with eScreen™, the leading innovator of paperless drug screening. Our system is integrated with eScreen’s system to offer easy web-based ordering. No more paper chain-of-custody forms! Background check and drug screening results can be delivered within the same report, making all results ultra easy and convenient to access.

Applicant Tracking

MBI offers integration capabilities with most existing ATS/HRIS software platforms. For clients not utilizing an ATS/HRIS, we offer an internal tracking system to deliver electronic consent forms and manage the on-boarding process.

Electronic I-9 and E-Verify® Access

MBI is partnered with Form I-9 Compliance. Our screening results are linked with electronic I-9 form completion, compliance and EVP tools. Once authorized by Department of Homeland Security, MBI provides an access link for each applicant screened. Upon hire, that link can be utilized to make legal paperwork completion a breeze. Store and access files securely, while ridding your facility of unwanted paper files. Validate legal rights to work and identify current employees with falsified Social Security numbers through the Social Security Administration’s Employee Verification Service (EVS).