Do you know your employees?

More information about the top ten most wanted fugitives on the FBI site. If you want to know more information about background screening on current employees or new hires, contact MBI Worldwide at 866-275-4624 or find out more here.

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COVID-19 Employee Background Screening Challenges

March 2020 is the month that the world of Human Resources will never forget.  The month our HR world was thrown into chaos by a random pandemic none of us knew was coming or prepared to deal with.  The already overworked and understaffed HR departments of the nation were now forced to make some quick and serious decisions for employee …

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A Glossary of Background Screening Terms

OK Karen, you’ve received the final background screening report on your job candidate but some of the terms are in ScreenANeeze. No worries, we can help you understand!  Here’s MBI’s MBictionary, our glossary of background screening terms to help you understand the lingo on your job candidate’s background check report. Adverse Action An action denying an applicant employment based in …

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MBI Monthly Myth Buster – January 2020

MYTH:  TRUE OR FALSE? It is a good idea to use my family and friends as professional references? MYTH BUSTER:  FALSE It is not a good idea to use family and friends as a professional reference on a job application. The main reason is your family and friends don’t usually know you in a professional standing and therefore are biased …

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MBI Monthly Myth Buster – December 2019

Facts vs. Myths.  MBI Monthly Myth Buster – December 2019   MYTH : TRUE OR FALSE I can run a background check using the candidate’s nickname. MYTH BUSTER : FALSE It is a common misconception that criminal records are housed by a person’s social security number. The reality is criminal records are stored by name and date of birth. When criminal …

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Do You Trust Your Current Employee Background Screening Company?

As HR Professionals, we get comfortable with our employment background screening vendors, trusting they are taking care of us.  That’s what we pay them for, right?  We know they will have our back, feed us the important information we need, keep us compliant and safeguard our screening practices.  But, do we really know if they are doing that?   They …

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Your team of FCRA certified researchers at MBI Worldwide have one daily mission:  to process each employee background screening request quickly and accurately. To help you understand just how serious MBI Worldwide is about closing out your employment background screening report fast, 93.1% of each component request at MBI Worldwide is closed out within the first 24 hours.  Yes, you …