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Does “Bob in Bookkeeping” Have His Hand in Your Pocketbook? The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Research Department estimates that 69% of companies in the United States conduct some level of background check on new employees. As of 2012, most of these background checks are conducted after a contingent offer of employment. In 2009, “Bob in Bookkeeping” got a job for one …

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Taxi Companies VS Uber and Lyft: Background Check Concerns

Politicians all over the country are trying to decide how to manage the new and innovative technologies of Transport Network Companies, e.g. Uber, Lyft. The current push is to force these companies to use the FBI fingerprint option as their background screening source, in place of an Accredited Background Screening Company. The theory sounds great, but the logistics make it impossible to get …

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EMPLOYMENT SCREENING: Compliant – Accurate – Simple – Quick

“Good Screening is SMART Business” If your current employment screening company merged with a larger corporation and you’re tired of dealing with their BAD Customer Service, schedule a live demo with MBI Worldwide today!      Compliant Accurate Simple Quick IntegratedCall MBI Worldwide today at 866-ASK-4-MBI  (866-275-4624) MBI WORLDWIDE HAS AWARD-WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE   Contact:  MBI Worldwide, Inc. 200 Central …

How Well Do You REALLY Know That Job Applicant?

How well do you REALLY know that job applicant?  Is he really who he says he is?  Or is he just another bad guy in a nice suit? MBI Worldwide will help you uncover the facts about your job applicant.

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Who Is MBI Worldwide, and What Do They Do?

“Good Employee Screening is SMART Business” MBI Worldwide, Inc. provides large and small organizations with the employment background screening solutions needed to help make safe hiring decisions.  Criminal background checks, drug testing, and verifications are only a small part of safe hiring practices.  For a complete list of MBI’s services, please click here.