Workplace fatalities and injuries caused by substance abuse

Employers must require drug testing in the workplace. There amount workplace fatalities and injuries caused by substance abuse accounting for about thirty-five percent according to the US Department of Labor.   The Department of Labor has programs and policies that address substance use disorders, including opioid-related issues. This public health issue impacts the workforce in America.  The Chief Evaluation Office researches substance use disorders in the workplace. They help individuals and their families cope with substance use. In addition, employers and communities offer best practices in substance abuse with the studies completed. To get more information about substance abuse in the work click here.

Completed Reports on Substance Abuse in the Workplace (drug-free workplace)

Factors Associated with Opioid Use Among U.S. Workers
(January 2022)

National Health Emergency Demonstration Grants to Address the Opioid Crisis: Implementation Evaluation
(December 2021)

Workers’ Compensation and the Opioid Epidemic: Analysis and Research Design Options
(August 2020)

US Department of Labor substance abuse in the workplace

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