MBI Monthly Myth Buster – January 2020

It is a good idea to use my family and friends as professional references?

It is not a good idea to use family and friends as a professional reference on a job application. The main reason is your family and friends don’t usually know you in a professional standing and therefore are biased to your work performance and work ethic. Of course you do a great job, because they LOVE YOU! When providing professional references, always provide contacts that can attest to your work ethic and have physically worked with you in a professional setting.

Stay Sharp, HR! Tip: Always ask permission to use a person as a professional reference and give that individual a head’s up that they may be contacted by either a representative of a 3rd party background check company or a person from a company you are applying for. You do not want to list someone who has no idea who you are and will avoid a phone call when your references are being called as this will prolong the background screening process which will in turn, prolong a hire date.


Bethany Thompson - Audit and Compliance Manager
Bethany Thompson, Compliance Manager
MBI Worldwide Background Checks



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