MBI Monthly Myth Buster – December 2019

Facts vs. Myths.  MBI Monthly Myth Buster – December 2019



I can run a background check using the candidate’s nickname.


It is a common misconception that criminal records are housed by a person’s social security number. The reality is criminal records are stored by name and date of birth. When criminal records are entered into the courts system, they will more than likely be entered in under the individuals legal name and date of birth.

What does this mean?
If your applicant’s legal name is Angela and you enter “Angie’ to be searched, the Department of Corrections record under Angela may not be found because Angie was requested. There are many safeguards in place to aid in preventing a mistake like this from happening (running a social security trace will reveal the legal name) but unfortunately things do slip through the cracks. It is up to you to make sure the information being entered is correct before the background is initiated.

*** Important Note – The same rules apply when entering the applicant’s date of birth and social security number. Always verify the information before running the background, transposing numbers can throw aentire background off. Accuracy is KEY!


Bethany Thompson - Audit and Compliance ManagerBethany Thompson, Compliance Manager
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