Your team of FCRA certified researchers at MBI Worldwide have one daily mission:  to process each employee background screening request quickly and accurately.

To help you understand just how serious MBI Worldwide is about closing out your employment background screening report fast, 93.1% of each component request at MBI Worldwide is closed out within the first 24 hours.  Yes, you just read that correctly…. 24 hours.

As an hiring manager, this means start dates do not have to be delayed and you have peace of mind when it comes to completing all the necessary on-boarding processing for each new candidate.

MBI’s priority is 1) accuracy, 2) quickness and 3) customer service.   We are proud of our team and the relationship that our account managers and client service representatives have with each client.   Our clients are satisfied with the partnership they have with MBI Worldwide and because of that,  MBI has made the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen List of top screening providers in the nation for the past two years.

If you’re tired of your current background screening vendor’s slow turnaround time and unresponsiveness to questions and assistance, it’s time to make a switch to MBI Worldwide.

Call 866-275-4624  today for a free demo and begin your partnership with a background screening vendor who stays on your path.

“Good Screening is SMART Business”™

posted 8/27/18

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