Are You Employment Background Check Savvy?

As an HR Manager, do you think you are background check savvy?  Take our quick employment background check trivia quiz to find out if you really do know your stuff!
Q1 – What percentage of employers conduct background checks?
  1. 67%
  2. 96%
  3. 83%
  4. 52%

Q2 –  Authorization and Disclosure forms can be combined per the FCRA.

  1. True
  2. False
Q3 – What is the maximum amount of time you should give an applicant to complete a drug screen?
  1. 48 Hours
  2. 12 Hours
  3. 1 Hour
  4. 72 Hours
  5. 24 Hours
Q4 – Are you allowed to have an indemnity clause in your disclosure or authorization forms?
  1. Yes, I need protection
  2. No
  3. Yes, only for high level positions
  4. Yes, only for non-salaried employess
Q5 – How many states currently have ‘Ban the Box’ Laws?
  1. 16 States
  2. 32 States
  3. 41 States
  4. 30 States
  5. 24 States

Q1 Answer – (2) based on a survey conducted by NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners), an overwhelming majority of employers are using background checks as part of their on-boarding process.
Q2 Answer (Absolutely False!) The FCRA mandates that disclosure forms and authorization forms must be stand alone documents separate from the job application.
Q3 Answer – (4) The maximum amount of time is 72 hours because most drugs are naturally removed from the test fluids within 3 days. At MBI, we recommend only allowing 48 hours for applicants to complete drug screening, our products allow applicants to test at locations close to home with extended hours of operation.
Q4 answer – (2) No. Per FCRA regulations, employers are not allowed to add verbiage barring the employee from filing a lawsuit as part of disclosure or authorization forms. At MBI, we ensure that our forms are up to date and compliant with all FCRA and EEOC regulations. Contact us if you would like to view our Sample forms.
Q5 Answer – (4) At this time, there are 30 states with ban the box laws at either the state, county, city or municipality level and these numbers are expected to rise in 2018.

If you did not know some of these answers, you’re not alone!  MBI often signs up new clients who have not been properly trained on compliance topics and legislative updates pertaining to employment background checks.  Contact MBI Worldwide today at 866-275-4624 for a free demo, or to sign up for one our educational webinars!  It’s our business to keep our clients on the top of their trivia game and to keep our HR partners, staying sharp!   #StaySharpHR

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