Should Mr. Burns Run An Annual Background Check on Homer Simpson?

For nearly 30 years Homer Simpson has been a big part of Sector 7-G at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. We can only assume the plant’s billionaire owner, C. Montgomery Burns did not have a very thorough background process. We’ve seen Homer involved in countless accidents, that have even resulted in the death of a co-worker. (Rest in Peace Frank Grimes.)

It’s not just pre-employment background checks that Mr. Burns (or any employer) should be concerned about. Employment Background Checks should be done annually to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on the team. Pre-employment screenings are encouraged to avoid any potential problems, but as time goes on, you never know what issues may develop. Case in point…

While making the rounds one day at the plant, Homer is distracted and crashes his cart into a radioactive pipe. This action led to his immediate dismissal. However, Homer can be a convincing guy and after promising to clean up his act (and expose the plant) he is hired back as a safety supervisor.

But don’t let that title fool you. A more consistent watch of Homer by Mr. Burns and his management team would recognize more inconsistencies in safety. Homer has fallen asleep on the job more than once. One time his mid-afternoon nap resulted in him pressing the self-destruct button on the T-437 Safety Console he is supposed to be manning.

We’ve seen Homer steal from the workplace too. He has a collection of items that still have the Property of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant stamped on them. Homer has also been quoted as saying, “Another day, another box of stolen pens.” It’s this kind of behavior that could be quelled with better supervision and the use of annual background checks on current employees.

Homer’s work ethic seems to be lacking too. He’s never stayed particularly loyal to Mr. Burns. Homer has tried his hand at being an astronaut, a country music producer/manager and a voice over artist for a cartoon dog named Poochie. Could Mr. Burns just be desperate for the cheap labor or are there some redeemable qualities in having Homer Simpson on the payroll that we’re just not seeing?

We d’ohn’t want you to make the same mistakes Mr. Burns has made with his hiring of Homer Simpson.

MBI Worldwide’s motto is Good Screening is SMART Business.  Annual background checks is SMART Business!

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