Tom Laundry Does Cyber Week… From His Cubicle… While He Should Be Working

It’s been awhile since my last post. And this one has got to be a quick one. I’m busy doing my Cyber Week shopping. I have my eye and browser on a GoPro camera on Target’s website. I’m especially busy today, though. Not only am I writing this blog on my work computer, but I’m shopping from my phone at the same time.  All while trying to hide it from my boss lady.  You know how she’s a stickler for P.O.L.I.C.Y. -like no online shopping while on the clock.  She always tried to ruin my mojo.

Of course, I’m supposed to be working on a big presentation we’re giving at the end of the week. But getting these Christmas gifts (mostly for myself) knocked off my shopping list is today’s top priority. Plus I have to get this post up because I want to be somewhat productive today.

Speaking of which, I recently read online shopping during Cyber Week cost companies almost $450 million dollars in lost productivity. So I’m not the only one spending time online shopping this week. About half of all employers actual monitor online shopping and half of them block store sites from popping up on the server. That’s what they do here, hence why I’m using my work computer to write this blog and my phone and laptop to shop.  Duh.

Since I’m waiting for these deals to go into effect, I’m going to go heat up some leftover turkey and stuffing in the break room and have a slice of pumpkin pie. I’ve been “working” for almost half an hour now. I think I’ve earned a break.  

Tom Laundry is quite possibly the world’s worst employee.  He likes to drunk snap from his cubicle and HR is constantly ruining his mojo, telling him to put his pants back on.  He believes that smoking a little weed on his lunch break makes him a better co-worker and can often be found hiding out in the men’s room with his flask of vodka, eating a bag of cheetos, catching up on Jimmy Fallon tweets.  Follow him on twitter at @TommLaundry where he tweets #BadEmployee tweets with one hand.


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