MBI’s Background Screening Best Practices Guide and Checklist

With ever-changing rules, regulations and legislation in the employee background screening industry, MBI Worldwide understands how important it is as a Human Resource Manager to stay ahead of the hiring game with the EEOC.

MBI’s Compliance Department has compiled a checklist of background screening legal and best practices to help you stay compliant in the hiring process.  This list includes:

  • Consent and Disclosure
  • Screening
  • Adverse Action

These are a few of the questions that are answered in our checklist: 

  • Do I know the proper release language or am I still using language that is not legally permissible?
  • Have I provided proper disclosures to the job applicant?
  • Do I evaluate criminal records in accordance with the EEOC’s Enforcement Guidance?
  • Do I know where I need to apply the Credit Report Ban?
  • Do I use online screening agencies that are not regulated?
  • Do I provide written notice to applicants?
  • Do I fully understand pre-adverse action and adverse action when using a consumer report?

For the full list, Download our FREE Best Practices Guide here. 


Disclaimer:  Please be aware that MBI Worldwide (Midwest Backgrounds, Inc.) is not a law firm and all policies should be reviewed by an HR attorney for your companies’ best practices and all legal procedures, even if you are currently a client of MBI Worldwide. Do not use this list, or anything published from MBI Worldwide  as legal advice or inclusively for your screening policy.