Here’s How To Lie On Your Resume

Hey!  Liars, Look No Further – Here’s how to get away with lying on your resume!

Have you ever left a job on bad terms?  Were you terminated for theft?  Do you have gaps in employment that make your resume look “questionable”?  Are you in need of successful professional references to help you get a job?     Well look no further because there are companies out there like CareerExcuse that claim to have the help you are looking for.  They will lie for you and falsify information, claiming they are doing it all for the love of a greater good.  Poor disadvantages souls.  Yada yada yada.


CareerExcuse is an internet website offering to make up company names, along with addresses and local phone numbers, with operators on standby to back up the information that is supplied to future employers on job applications.  As the job applicant, you select your own employment dates, salary, experience, etc.   The only exclusions are that you may not use a trademarked company,  nor any government agency ie. police, fire, etc.

And let’s not forget about their really cool slogan, “The only company serving disadvantaged job applicants since 2009!”   I feel like they might as well say, “Help Us, Help You, LIE…because you really aren’t experienced enough for this job!”

After choosing your career information including work history and desired pay range, companies such as CareerExcuse will create a professional website and virtual office within one business day.  They will act as your past employer and will provide the references that you need to any employer.   All calls are returned by 3pm EST and guaranteed within 24 hours. 

Career Excuse states on its website that the professional job references they provide are guaranteed to help you get the job you are looking for.  Wow!  Sounds almost too good to be true.

To these companies and to the job applicants that use them, lying must be second nature.

Here’s the problem that these companies fail to tell its job applicants.  Hold onto your socks, but there are background check companies out there that actually do find resume fraud.  And let me be clear… we find it quite often.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to catch all liars.  Resume fraud does happen.  Job candidates do get a way with embellishing data on job applications.  But utilizing an employee background screening company that has the resources to validate and verify information is a crucial step in the hiring process and will help you in compiling inaccurate information on your job candidates’ resumes.

MBI Worldwide partners with your organization, verifying factual information with your Human Resources Department, collecting accurate data to help you make the best hiring decisions.   MBI also verifies references, obtaining information on each applicant’s past performance which can save your company time, money, and effort.

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K.Chapman, President
MBI Worldwide Background Checks