Who Is MBI Worldwide, and What Do They Do?

“Good Employee Screening is SMART Business”

MBI Worldwide, Inc. provides large and small organizations with the employment background screening solutions needed to help make safe hiring decisions.  Criminal background checks, drug testing, and verifications are only a small part of safe hiring practices.  For a complete list of MBI’s services, please click here.

Not every job candidate is a good fit. Turnover costs money, time and employee morale.  MBI provides the information needed to make successful hiring decisions.  MBI Worldwide assures accurate, timely results and award-winning customer service. MBI Worldwide has the products, programs and pricing to match the needs of companies of all sizes.

Not all employment screening companies are created equal. MBI Worldwide has been accredited with the national industry organization, National Association of Professional Background Screeners.   To become accredited, an employment background check company must undergo a rigorous onsite audit conducted by an independent auditor, who examines policies and procedures regarding consumer protection, legal compliance, product and service standards, client education and general operations and business practices.

In addition to being one of only 7 percent of companies in the entire U.S. (out of approximately 2500+ who do what MBI does) to achieve accreditation, MBI Worldwide is proud of be one of
the few woman-owned accredited employment background screening firms in the country.

Many background check companies will provide faulty, unreliable data.  Through MBI’s extensive research network, they confidently produce trustworthy and reliable information that assist hiring managers in making final job candidate decisions.

Screening with MBI Worldwide Background Checks is more than just hiring an employment  background check provider;   MBI becomes a trustworthy partner and a valuable resource.

  • Compliant

  • Quick

  • Accurate