Not All Screening Companies Are Created Equal

Is your background screening company accredited?

Not all screening companies are created equal.  Many background screening firms are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  MBI Worldwide is not only a member – but their strict standards and best practices have helped them achieve the desired NAPBS Accreditation.


To become accredited, an employment background check company must undergo a rigorous onsite audit conducted by an independent auditor, who examines policies and procedures regarding consumer protection, legal compliance, product and service standards, client education and general operations and business practices.

In addition to being one of only 5 percent of companies in the entire U.S. (out of approximately 2500+ who do what MBI does) to achieve accreditation, MBI Worldwide is proud of be one of the few woman-owned accredited employment background screening firms in the country.

Is your organization using an accredited employment screening company?

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