Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance who was bummed she was turned down for a job,  primarily because she didn’t have the experience or education needed to get the position?

Well, no more worries for her,  because for as little as $50,  she can purchase a totally fake, professional reference from a company who will give her a stellar review regarding her fake job,  and even her fake relationships with her fake coworkers?

It’s true…companies such as CareerExcuse, the Reference Store, and AbiliHQ will provide fake references and employment verifications for job seekers.   Some fake credentialing companies will even go as far as creating a fake company, complete with a live operator and a local phone and fax number – that will even appear on Google Maps.

These companies believe that moral issues are people’s own problems to deal with, and their service just helps people get an interview.  I guess that is how the CEO’s of these companies can sleep at night. Though there are no criminal fraud charges against companies like these, (because these scams do not involve cheating anyone out of money, nor do the company representatives impersonate lawyers, doctors, or any government agencies) applicants are still undergoing a risk by utilizing these companies because many people are required to sign an employment agreement stating they did not lie during the application process.

If you are a job applicant, be leary of these companies that offer you fake credentials.  It might help you get through the interview process, but if you are lying on a job application or your resume, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Be very careful claiming to have the work experience that you don’t.  Background checks companies find discrepancies, liars and “bad egg”s on a daily basis.

Companies should set HR standards as to what they will and will not accept as a Professional Reference. For example, your best friend and co-worker will provide excellent references but your supervisor will typically be more honest and will provide a more in depth reference. Some companies will only accept references from supervisors or managers. Each of our clients have the ability to set up custom reference guidelines to fit their individual needs.  If you are an HR Director, and have any questions or doubts about fake verifications or backgrounds in general, please contact MBI Worldwide.   Our team of experienced criminal analysts are always available to answer any questions, and help you find those bad eggs.

Written by M. Moyers