Making the Background Check “Quota”

Are You Just Making the Background Check “Quota”?

In the last 5-10 years employment background checks have continued to become the normal process of hiring within companies. The question of “Are we doing background checks?” is evolving into “Are we doing enough?” Are you doing a background check just for the point of principle? Or are you doing the level of screening your company expects, and legally should be doing? This question continues to come up when the price of service outweighs the true point of the service itself.

What are some areas in your employment background screening process that you should be reviewing?

  1. What type of criminal screening are we conducting? State? County? Federal? Fingerprint?
  2. How far back are we looking?
  3. Are we ordering Alias or Maiden Names?
  4. Are we verifying degrees on positions we require a degree?
  5. Are we reviewing motor vehicle records for positions that require driving on behalf of the organization?
  6. Do we have any state or federal laws that regulate our industry?
  7. Are we re-screening? Annually? Bi-Annually?

The final thought I will leave you with. Are you just doing a background check to meet the so called “quota?” Or are you thoroughly vetting each applicant?

Written by J. Chullen