Three Errors HR Managers Make When Submitting an Education Verification Request

When ordering a full employee background check with an accredited employment screening company (Consumer Reporting Agency), most often the search that is holding up the final report is the education verification

One would think verifying an applicant’s education would be simple right?  Most often it is.   When the correct information is supplied, it’s a breeze. Here are three errors that HR Managers  make when requesting a background check that can delay turnaround time when verifying an Applicant’s education.

  • If the Applicant did not list their name used while attending the institution, the school might not be able to locate the accurate student records. The applicant’s High School will not know if “Jane Doe” married, and now her last name is “Jane Deer”.  Accurate maiden and current names are crucial.
  • If an Applicant lists a school, but not a location or phone number, a delay will most likely occur. There are schools with the same name located in different states. When using a third party, such as The National Student Clearinghouse, Background Check Companies must know the city (location) of the school to process the request for information.  If the proper contact information is not submitted in the original request, time will be spent researching the correct information, instead of processing the verification request and will cause a delay in the final report.
  • If an Applicant didn’t list the year attended, major or degree, the background check company might not be verifying the information that is important for the job description. It helps to know what degree/certificate needs verified. A lot of time can be wasted trying to second guess.

Remember, in most cases the background screening company does not see the Applicant’s resume, so the information listed on the application is crucial to completing a full, accurate background screening.

It is very important to make sure applicants are supplying as much precise information about themselves and their education as possible to ensure an accurate, painless, and quick background check report.

The tips above will help an employer receive background checks quicker, and expedite the background check process so an applicant can begin work in a more timely manner.

Kimberly Cox
Verifications Manager
MBI Worldwide, Inc.