Let’s be honest. We live in an instant gratification world. Where a single 140-character post can be delivered to millions in moments, and transferring and sending money can be done at a push of a button. We want things and we want them done yesterday, however instant does not always equal accurate.

When it comes to employee background checks, saving a few bucks will likely land you and your business in more trouble than what it’s worth. There is no “easy” button when wanting an instant background check on a job applicant. The potential for errors are greater, especially when you rely on internet based searches which offer prompt databases that require as little as a partial name and date of birth. If you’re hiring potential employees to work for you, would you really want to haphazardly come across incorrect information that could lead to a lot of trouble? Or enter someone’s private information in a “free” background check website that ends up stealing their identity?

Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) any employer must comply with standards that go well beyond the verbal ok of an applicant to run his or her background. While it’s understandable that the time it takes to perform a proper employee background check can be frustrating, please remember that a background check company’s number one goal is accuracy. Having results directly verified at the source is not only the way to go—it’s the law. Background check companies, such as MBI Worldwide, are considered a CRA: Consumer Reporting Agency. CRA’s are required to provide information that has met the standard of maximum possible accuracy. If we have reason to believe that a criminal record has not turned into a conviction, it is our due diligence to have the possible records verified at county court level before giving ourselves a pat on the back for a “quick background check”.

Do not be scammed into thinking that a $5 instant database search on an applicant is trustworthy. You could end up shelling out tens of thousands of dollars in a lost lawsuit for unwrongfully hiring, or terminating an employee for having a criminal convictions that were  dismissed.

Bottom line—if your company has reevaluated its budget or you are wanting to get the most out of your money, please call us at MBI Worldwide. We have many customized packages with services that will fit your needs. Guaranteed.

M. Moyers