Seven Tips to Get Through Your Background Check Process With No Headache

Often times, in the background check business, we find that some background screenings are more difficult to complete than others. Some require constant phone calls to references who may be on leave. Often times we will try for days to contact a reference who will tell us when we finally make contact that due to company policy they are unable to even provide a reference. These easy seven steps will show you the easiest way to get through the background screening and get on with your job.

  1. BE HONEST. Simply being honest on your application is the easiest way to avoid a delay in your background check process. Being dishonest on the application can not only prolong the investigation process, but also cost you that job offer you worked so hard to obtain.
  2. CHECK, CHECK, AND CHECK.  When completing the application process, CHECK, CHECK, and DOUBLE CHECK everything. Verify that your social, date of birth, and spelling of your name are all accurate. Double check all phone numbers supplied. By verifying all of this information, you are potentially eliminating days of The Great Game of Phone Tag.
  3. IT’S SO FLUFFY! Don’t over-fluff your application. We verify all dates and titles. We know you want to make yourself look absolutely fantastic (and you are, EVEN without all of the fluff), but if you over-fluff you can end up unintentionally lying on the application or get the application flagged for discrepancy.
  4. HEAD’S UP. It is always a great idea to notify your references that you are using them on an application. This is a splendid idea for multiple reasons. By notifying them, you are checking off step two because you know that the phone number you supplied is still the correct and working number for your reference. Because of various company policies, many supervisors are not allowed to supply a professional reference. Always ask if they will be allowed to provide one and ensure that they are willing to supply the reference. Make sure that the references you supply to be verified will be in town and available to provide the recommendation.
  5. GOING, GOING, GONE. Try to supply past employers that are still open for business. A lot of times when businesses close or are bought out by another company the records are purged and we are unable to verify that particular employment.
  6. DOCTORS, LAWYERS, AND CEOS, OH MY! Although you think that using these people as references means that your application is stellar, it is actually very difficult to get in contact with these people for a reference. They are always with patients, clients, or other business matters. While it is not a complete no-no to add these particular colleagues as references, it is generally a better idea to provide someone who is more accessible. At the very least, notify these individuals that you have listed them as a reference, so they can make themselves available.
  7. TEMPORARY SERVICES If you worked for a company through a temporary agency, proof of your employment lies with the temp agency, not the company. Be sure to include any temp agencies you worked for on your application!

Keep calm and get your background check on! Although background checks may seem incredibly daunting, we promise we are not out to get you or cost you a job opportunity! We take pride in being that stepping stone to your future and we know that that future is so bright you’re going to need some shades! After all this checking is said and done, just remember: