What is a Social Security Trace?

What is a Social Security Trace?

A social security trace is an instant search administered from a database. Social security trace information is derived from an individual’s credit history and the information comes from all major credit reporting agencies.

Why is it valuable?

  • Provides current and previous residential history
  • Supplies aliases, AKAs, and legal name changes for the individual

What are its limitations?

  • It is not a verification that a certain social security number belongs to a certain individual
  • It does not supply information on whether a person has provided a valid social security number

Why might my applicant’s social security trace come back without any address history?

    1. The applicant is young and doesn’t have a credit history. This is the most common reason.
    2. The person has never applied for credit.
    3. The number was written down or entered incorrectly.

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