Factors that can influence #turnaround time

Take a look at this scenario: You submitted your request for a #backgroundcheck on Thursday and your #applicant is slated to start the following Monday. Around 24 hours later, you receive the results. Your applicant is cleared and has no record. Great!

Now, let’s look at a second scenario: You submitted your request on Thursday and your applicant is slated to start the following Monday. Friday comes around and you haven’t received the results yet. Oh no…does my applicant have a record? What is going on?

There are many different factors that can negatively affect the turnaround time for a background check. It is taking longer and longer to verify criminal background checks that contain records and/or “possible” records. When we process a county criminal check, depending on the court, we send a researcher to do a physical search of the file. Here is a rundown of a few possible outcomes of this process:

The researcher determines the file is a no record. This means a great #turnaround time.

The researcher determines there are records in the file and all the information is complete. After we review the information, we send it to the client. This means a good turnaround time.

The researcher determines that there are records in the file and the information not complete. The researcher will then have to get clarification from a court employee. Most of the time this information can be clarified quickly, but if it cannot this can mean a delayed turnaround time. 

The researcher determines there are possible records. Records are pulled for additional information by a court #employee. After they get the information, we might find out that there really are no records or it was not our applicant. This means a prolonged turnaround time. 

During holidays and individual public access hours, these turnaround times can be delayed even further due to court closures.

Most of the time your applicant is going to have a clear background. However, it is always good to prepare extra time for this process. Be cautious for CRA’s for claim to be unaffected by the issues above. If you partner with a CRA that is accredited and uses best practices, these delays will happen from time to time. 

By: Stephanie Wilson, Project Manager, MBI Worldwide

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